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Session de massothérapie – valeur de 100 $
Mise gagnante80,00$
Miseur gagnantAnnie Filion
Heure de la mise15:07
Surenchère minimale10,00$

Description du produit

“Our massage therapist, who also graduated as a physical rehabilitation therapist, combines her training of massage therapy and physiotherapy to provide the best recovery possible. She first takes the time to assess your condition using Swedish massage techniques which allow her to “scan” your body for tensions and/or stiffness that need to be released during your treatment. She then selects the best tools (Swedish, trigger point, deep tissue, cupping, mobilizations, drains, etc.) which are most suitable for you. Thus, your massage therapy treatments are always a unique combination of selected treatment styles specific to your personal needs. In addition, a combination of physiotherapy and massage therapy helps optimize the effect of your treatments and speed up your recovery. Relaxing your muscles through massotherapy makes it easier for the physiotherapist to use various maneuvers without negative reaction (protective spasms) and vice versa, by having less muscular tensions you have less pain and your healing accelerates. “

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2021-03-07 15:07:37$80.00Annie Filion
2021-03-05 15:42:36$60.00G. Massey
2021-03-04 03:20:44$50.00Annie Filion Auto
2021-03-04 03:20:44$50.00Marilyn
2021-02-28 20:52:01$40.00Annie Filion
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